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Screening Licenses and Educational Use

In order to screen The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (or any film) to a public audience, a public performance license is required. For those of you interested in sharing the film with a U.S. audience, we first suggest arranging a GATHR event as there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the organizer, logistical work is done for you.

However, if you’d prefer to set up a different type of screening event, one that allows you to arrange for panel discussions or to screen as part of a conference (including internationally), a film festival, educational curriculum or as a fundraiser, then you would need a screening license (regardless if admission is charged or not).

What’s the license cost?
The fee for community screenings depends on the number of people in attendance at the event, as well as whether you will be charging guests admission or not.

Grassroots Special!

Grassroots groups, activists, and non-profit organizations looking to spread the message of this film may take advantage of our grassroots special which includes DVDs at wholesale price in addition to the license. DVDs may be sold at a higher price to raise funds or simply be given away. To order more DVDs at wholesale price please contact

Buy 5 DVDs for $50

Receive a free screening license (no admission fee) for up to 50 people.

Buy 10 DVDs for $100

Receive a free screening license (no admission fee) for up to 100 people.

Screening Licenses


10-50 people

51-100 people

101-300 people

Charging Admission

Not Charging Admission

more than 300 people

If the event will have more than 300 attendees, to request a community screening license, or to inquire about education rights and coordinate the necessary assets for the event, please contact

Educational Institutions (Classroom Use)

This license is required for showing The Best Democracy Money Can Buy regularly in a classroom or educational setting. Unlike the above licenses, this educational use license is valid for one year. You may choose to show the film either through a 1-year digital stream rental or with a DVD to be returned once your license has expired.

$150 – View/Purchase License

For libraries looking to purchase a shelf copy of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, please contact

Why Do I Need A Screening License?

We’ve constructed these programs to best address the various ways that people may wish to show the film. Because there is a sizable expense required to distribute a film, and to administer these programs, the screening fees help to recoup costs.

The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) states that neither the rental nor the purchase of a movie carries with it the right to show the movie publicly outside the home, unless the site where the movie is used is properly licensed for public exhibition. Ownership of the movie and the right to screen it (or stream it) publicly are two separate issues.

The copyright holder retains exclusive public performance rights regardless of: how the movies are obtained (rented, purchased in a store or purchased online in digital format); Whether or not an admission fee is charged; and whether the facility or organization is commercial or non-profit. We sincerely appreciate those of you who want to respect the law and support this film. These fees will also help the filmmakers on their campaign to bring awareness to these issues.

Please note, you are responsible for event logistics, and booking your venue, refunds will not be possible so please be 100% certain that your event is happening and that you have the correct license.